Found My Voice

Let me introduce my music and my story to you.

After losing my voice to lyme disease in 2016 I never knew if I would talk or sing again.

I took up the harmonica as a substitute with both songwriting and harmonica playing becoming my salvation and focus whilst unwell.

After a long battle with my health I regained my speech and eventually my singing voice after a long treatment schedule taking the best part of five years to fully be clear of the symptoms.

After searching for musicians to record my songs I called on Jon Farrington who I had known from a previous tracking session some years ago.

Jon's skill and energy towards the new songs was inspiring and his backing vocal arrangements and production ideas took our songs to a new level.

The inclusion of Natalia Calderon on backing vocals throughout the entire album also provided great dynamics to the final mixes.

This ten track album "Found My Voice" is dedicated to anyone living with a chronic Illness or who is currently in treatment.

Steve Ogle