Cheers for looking in on me !

The Dear Auntie music video is on You Tube, for further listening to complete the album you can hear the non video tracks Lost My Way, Stumbling Round the Bend and Found My Voice on the usual platforms or use…


Holiday Highway, let's roll !

Check out the beautiful Coral Bay pics contained in my latest music video Holiday Highway, it is about a 12 hour drive from here. You might need something to rock out to on the way right? Save the Ningaloo Reef…


You Tube channel has reached 20k views

Thanks all for tuning into my You Tube channel .......I have now reached the 20k views (never thought this would happen so thank you all), hoping you can continue the journey with me by watching my other videos. Don't forget…


Welcome fellow Speed Songwriters !

Welcome to all fellow Speed Songwriters and thank you for stepping by to check out my latest.

Looking forward to listening to your songs from Graham's links.

I also got a collection of music videos I have put together on…


Check out my latest...

If you like rocking, thought provoking and reflective songs, with a dash of humour, check out my latest. 

I hope my music promotes diversity as my huge inspiration was from Queen as their music reached out to all generations. 



Covid One Nine

The new single "Covid One Nine" is available for free download exclusively on the music page and features accompanying musicians Jon Farrington and Natalia Calderon.  Be sure to check out the official music video on You Tube,  it includes some…


Live In The Studio Video and the Found My Voice Album

The You Tube " Live in the Studio" series of videos has been launched with a couple of cover songs and a solo version of Stray  just  posted under the video section. 

Today the Found My Voice album has been…


Found My Voice

Let me introduce my music and my story to you.

After losing my voice to lyme disease in 2016 I never knew if I would talk or sing again.

I took up the harmonica as a substitute with both songwriting…