Holiday Highway, let's roll ! 

Check out the beautiful Coral Bay pics contained in my latest music video Holiday Highway, it is about a 12 hour drive from here. You might need something to rock out to on the way right? Save the Ningaloo Reef and the Exmouth Gulf.

Should have brought my Canoe

Should have brought my Canoe



Steve Ogle is a singer/songwriter and musician bringing his own brand of music into the spotlight. 

With a long musical history of being in bands as a guitarist/keyboardist as well as a state wide touring solo entertainer, he enjoyed successful performances throughout the vastness of Western Australia from the nineties. 

Highlights include exposure to larger live venues as musical support act for Aussie comedian Col Elliott as well as various original music festivals notably the White Sands and Woodbridge Hotel. 

His listings with many local entertainment agencies provided a flow of professional work as a solo act appearing at various public venues as well as private functions and sporting clubs with a diverse range of cover songs to compliment his own original material. 

His album release Found My Voice is the culmination of furthering his recording and mixing as well as expanding his musicianship to include the harmonica.

Lyrically this album is built from honest experiences with a range of musical voicings.  His multi instrumental input extended to include Piano, Bass Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead Vocals and the Orchestral samples and arrangements. Notable contributors during the recording process were Jon Farrington assisting with Drums ,Backing Vocals and Backing Vocal arrangements and Natalia Calderon on Backing Vocals. 

When the lyrics were written he was uncertain if he would talk or sing again, given an uncertain medical diagnosis. 

Singing became his therapy for regaining his voice, hopefully his story will inspire and entertain you. 



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